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As a condition for using our services in our day care facility for your pet(s), you agree to the following: I hereby acknowledge that Ruff House has relied upon our representation and the information provided regarding my dog’s health and that my dog has not shown aggression or threatening behavior toward any person or other dogs. I realize that in a day care setting where dogs can be unpredictable in spite of all precautionary measures and safety techniques used, that there is always risk of injury to my animal. If my pet is injured or appears ill, I authorize Ruff House to use its best judgment and to seek the services of a veterinarian if necessary. I agree to pay for the cost related to any of these services. I will not hold Ruff House, its owners, managers, employees, agents, volunteers or board liable for decisions made under this agreement including that which may result from the action of any dog including my own. This indemnification is intended to comply with the laws of the State of New Jersey. It is agreed upon herein that any portion which may be deemed as invalid shall not affect the balance which shall continue to be in full force and affect. I understand it is my responsibility to keep all documented medical and vaccinations treatments up to date. I certify and represent that I have read the entire agreement, and have provided true and accurate information regarding my dog (s). Based upon this acknowledgment, I hereby agree, accept all terms and conditions as outlined herein.
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